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CPM EXPERT SPEAK: Transforming Retail Sales

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This month's CPM Expert Speak comes from Marco Gualdi, CEO, Inventa CPM Field Marketing. Marco founded the Italian office of CPM over 20 years ago coupling the Retail experience with the marketing and promotional services offered by its sister company, Inventa.  

On the back of yet another successful Smarter Selling Conference hosted by Inventa CPM Field Marketing; Marco analyses the key take-outs and considerations of this year's event.

CPM Smarter Selling 

Over 100+ delegates from across the globe, attended CPM's 5th Annual Smarter Selling Convention, which took place in Milan on the 28th September 2015. The theme of this year's convention was 'Driving Retail Sales Growth: Evolution or Revolution;' and focused on digital technologies that drive retail sales growth. A number of keynote sessions were incorporated into the day from international, innovative thought leaders including: Roberto Ferrari, General Manager, Che Banca!; Colin Clark, Chief Operating Officer, OMNI ISG; Mandfredi Ricca, Chief Strategy Officer - EMEA & LATAM, Interbrand ; Davide Zanolini, Executive VP Marketing & Communications, Piaggio; Guiliano Noci, Professor of Marketing Politecnico di Milano.

Transforming retail sales

Retail sales are steadily in transformation: people are consuming information from a growing range of multiple sources – jumping back and forth across the digital and real-world before deciding what to buy. This shift away from linear, traditional consumption is creating the opportunity for a decentralised marketplace, where the possibility of purchasing can come from any angle. This lead us to define the topic of this year Smarter Selling Conference: “Driving the growth of retail sales: evolution or revolution".

The starting point of this sales conversion is the axiom that the purchasing path is now divided in three main phases. The first step into this path is the “Pre-tail”: consumers collects information and experiences about the product they are interested in from the digital world. The “retail” phase starts when the customer enters into the physical shop and buys the product. The “Post-tail” follows the purchase, but it represents more than the after-sales service: it’s the definition of a new and long-lasting experiential relationship between the consumer and the brand.

Roberto Ferrari, General Manager at CheBanca! and retail marketing guru, defines this new customer journey with the paradigm: “Phygital”, the crossover of the physical world and the digital world. According to this definition: stores must be seen as the physical extension of a digital world and digital channels and tools must be seen as key enablers of a physical/in-store experience. Complementary, integrated, seamless.

According to Manfredi Ricca, Chief Strategy Officer EMEA and LatAm at Interbrand, since digital technology continues to weave its way into every aspect of our lives, brands have to value intelligent infrastructure and powered by big data – to develop integrated ecosystems of experiences and reshape the world around the customers.

'As people and devices become more connected and everything - from phones, to cars, to homes -becomes “smarter,” businesses have to reorganize themselves around the customers,' says Manfredi Ricca.

Davide Zanolini, Executive Vice President Marketing & Communications of Piaggio, testifys how iconic brands like Vespa, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Piaggio elicit the same emotions over the generations. The answer to the common dilemma “preserving or changing to stay relevant” lies in between: preserving while changing. Heritage is nothing if it is not accompanied by relevance, and relevance comes with change.

Giuliano Noci, full professor at Politecnico of Milano University, concludes that the role
of the “point of sale” in the new scenario must change: from point of sale to point of brand presence. To activate this process several topics must be considered. First of all the qualification of the new customer journey. Secondary the identification of the role played by pre-sales interactions in the achievement of a deep customer insight. Ultimately , the role and the functions of the physical point of sales within ano omnichannel sales environment.

 The final consideration is that in today's world; rather than broaden distribution in traditional stores, it is more advisable to make the brand live in an experiential context, physically and digitally, in order to drive consumer purchase by identifying with the values of the brand.

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